10 Farming Communities


Over 12,000 Lives Saved


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Intelligent Safety

At Resolute 4.0, we partner with all the key stakeholders to offer bespoke solutions that suit your community’s specific needs.

Non-stop Productivity

With a proven track record of saving over 10,000 lives in Northern Nigeria, Resolute 4.0 stands as a testament to the potential of technology in enhancing community safety. We’ve made a difference in the agricultural and mining sectors, enabling them to work in a safer, more secure environment.

Example Use Case: Agricultural Communities

Agriculture is the backbone of many local communities. However, these communities often grapple with security concerns that hamper their progress.

With Resolute 4.0, farmers and agricultural communities can report security threats in real-time via our mobile application. This instantaneous reporting has led to faster response times by security agencies, ensuring safety, reducing losses, and enabling a more secure environment for agricultural activities.

Available On

Our Custom Application is built on Google's Android OS and it is only available to partner organisations and key stakeholders